At the Bunny Hop Workshop on Saturday bike star Danny MacAskill will reveal his best bike-technique tricks: how to drop best with a mountain bike or clear various obstacles, before he’ll be taking part in the evening Bunny Hop Contest himself. The winner from the German TV Show “Wetten Dass” Daniel Rall and the professional cyclist, Paolo Patrizia will be putting on a display of body control at its finest, when they clear all the hurdles with their trial bikes as easy as pie.

And if you haven’t had enough after the spectacular professional shows and want to have a try at bike action yourself, then the PERFORMANCE AREA is the right place for you where, among other things, you can try out the steep banked curve with a racing bike in the Minidrome. The winner of the Slowbiking Contest will be whoever covers the 10-metre stretch with his bike as slowly as possible; on the other hand it’s all about speed at the Gold Sprint on high-tech ergometers, presented by Tour de France 2017. One thing is certain – there is absolutely no time for boredom here!