In the MUSIC AREA bike stars are sure to provide bike action as we love it – live and undiluted, and the top music acts will have us rocking to catchy tunes. 

The trial biker Danny MacAskill and his team will be kicking off on Saturday at 10 a.m. when, with his Drop & Roll Show, he will be showing us just what he means by cycling. This will be followed by musical sessions by Kelvin Jones, Arnold Palmer, Gringo Bavaria, Rockstroh, Killerpilze, Dao, Be Ignacio and Álvaro Soler until the MUSIC AREA is directly turned into the FESTIVAL PARTY location on Saturday evening. Without any breaks, the Radio 7 Mixshow-Team with Matze Ihring and star-DJ Chris Montana will make sure the visitors have an unforgettable party night at the exhibition grounds.

Therefore the ticket offices (Entrance East and West) are open on Saturday evening until 9.p.m, the Online Ticket Shop is here.  All shows are included in the EUROBIKE FESTIVAL DAYS ticket price.

Again on Sunday, the day will start off with a live bike performance by Danny MacAskill, before international musicians like Madcon, Joris, Lions Head, Rose May and the band Janina and the Deeds will immerse the exhibition grounds into a festival atmosphere.